"The architecture of Alfred Woden's manor had its origins in European darkness along with the Inner Circle."
Max Payne, 2003.

The manor's courtyard.

Woden's manor is the home of Alfred Woden. The mansion is located on the outskirts of New York City. The building has several rooms, three gardens, a large basement and a dome.

Events of Max Payne 2 Edit

After the attack on the hospital, Max visits Woden in his manor. He confirms that the hitmen who attacked Max were working for Vlad, not Vinnie.

Later that night, Max learns that Vlad wants to kill Woden. In spite of Mona's warnings, Max insists going back to the mansion.Woden hides in the building's panic room, while his bodyguards betray him and rig the mansion with explosives. Max and Mona make their way through the manor, killing Vlad's men and the guards in their way. When they reach Woden, Mona reveals that she works for him, but she is unable to kill Max and Vlad shoots her in the back. Woden stands up from his wheelchair and tries to choke Vlad but he is shot to death. Max attacks Vlad, but a bomb goes off and the floor collapses under them, and they fall to the mansion's basement. Max chases Vlad through the basement, while more bombs explode around him. Vlad escapes to the building's dome, where he climbs a scaffolding and throws Molotov Cocktails at Max. Max snipes the scaffolding's support beams and shoots Vlad, who falls to his death.

Max returns to Mona, who (depending of the game's difficulty) either survives or dies.

The manor was heavily damaged by the explosions: several floors were collapsed and some rooms were burned in the fire. It's unknown what happened to the building after the events of the game.


Gallery Edit


The floorplan of the manor.


The central room.


Woden's room.


The panic room.

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