Violet is a civilian woman who, in 2003, helps Max Payne fight the Cleaners storming the detective's apartment complex.

Violet is banging on the locked external door of the complex, trying to get out of the building when Max Payne finds her. After introducing herself to him, the woman shows him she has a pistol (9mm or Desert Eagle) , which she says she carries for her protection, and offers Payne help in his fight.

She can help the detective reach the burned-out apartment and then provide covering fire through one of its windows when he climbs outside onto a ledge to find a way to descend to the ground level.

Violet several times comments to Max Payne she finds him attractive. If she meets the local ex-cop "boozehound", who also helps Payne, Violet rejects the bum's compliments and advances, calling him a "jerk."

Violet appears again in the NYPD police station, she was giving testimony after the shooting incident, she also mentions that her ex-boyfriend plays violent video-games and she feared he wanted to kill her. She also makes a cameo appearance in an outdoor wallpaper which implied that Violet might be a prostitute.

There is a deleted scene which Violet kisses Max Payne after killing the cleaners.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The player can allow Violet to follow Max Payne and combat enemies or tell her to remain in her location.
  • She is expendable: she can either die fighting the Cleaners or survive their assault on the area.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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