Hello to all readers if anyone is reading this, the wiki now is doing decently but it is fill with faults to fix and room to improve on. I need people instead of reading, help me to improve the wiki in anyway I can. If you don't know what to improve, you can ask me in my message wall.

I started to become a fan of Max Payne when I start to dig the past games that was mentioned as I am a historical person. I like all the Max Payne games I play with possibly Max Payne 2 my favourite on gameplay. I have played all 3 games and liked the possible 4th game but it is okay not to come out not just Max Payne sake but also the wiki since it is left abandoned by the former admins.

When I came to the wiki, I only came as a reader as I never care to improve the wiki. However, since last year when I started my adminship in Alpha Protocol Wiki, I got confident in my skills of editing and adding information even improving the templates. I started the advanced know hows of managing the wiki and soon start to adopt more wikis including this one. I consider myself supporter of all franchises including Max Payne and use my powers to make my version of a better wiki.

Despite the improvements on the wiki, I am the only one who constantly update it with only one time editors. I also made dedications to other wikis where I am admin. This is why I need at least 1 editor but recommended a team of 4 to volunteer to constantly edit the wiki and add ideas to improve the wiki. Their activeness must be at least a week and must introduce themselves to me in order for better work communications.

If you are reading this and decide to join, welcome to my team.

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