The News section of the Max Payne wiki debuts. Anyone can report any Max Payne news by creating a blog post with [[Category:News]] stamped on it.

With Rockstar being well known for their tight lips and strict upcoming game information control, the majority of news most likely will be any highlights reposted from the Rockstar Newswire, but our impartial look at them could add some flavor, or, of course, someone out there could uncover other type of news once in a while.

And so, the freshest bit of news in the Max Payne universe is the unveiling of the new weapon, the Mini-30 rifle for Max Payne 3.

"Remarkably sturdy while incredibly light to carry, the powerful Mini-30 is the weapon of choice for when Max needs to gun – and run – his way through a volatile combat scenario. This versatile and compact rifle is capable of clearing a path at close range and lethally accurate from longer distances."

In the video clip, the rifle is seen with and without the detachable sniper scope. A rifle without it is a novelty in the Max Payne series, although, of course, the sniper rifle of the previous games could always be used without targeting with the scope as well.

Generally, judging from the so far known number of weapons to be featured in the third game, its arsenal is clearly gearing up to be larger than those of Max Payne and Max Payne 2. Another detail we can see so far is the specific naming of the weapon models, unlike the first two games where only generic and simple labels were used, such as the 9mm pistol or the pump-action shotgun. Does that mean we will see a "MAC-10" instead of the "Ingram" in Max Payne 3?

Source: Mini-30 at the official Max Payne 3 site