Back Story of Max Payne
Max Payne 3 will take place after the events of the first two Max Payne games. The first game featured Max as a New York City Police Department homicide detective. His wife and daughter get killed by drug addicts who are abusing a new substance known as valkyr. Max then transfers to the DEA to get revenge for his loved ones. This sends him deep undercover to take out the Russian mob and the Punchinello crime family.
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Back Story of Max Payne 2
The second game continues Max's story as a New York City Police Department detective. He is now investigating a series of murders from a group of hitmen known as the Cleaners. Mona Sax returns, proving that she was not dead. Max gets involved in Mona's troubles of proving her innocence about a murdered US senator.
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Information about the new game
The third game takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil with his close friend Raul Passos. Max has aged and grown tired of working in the police force. He decides to retire and move to Brazil to work in the private security business.
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Main Characters
There are many characters in the Max Payne universe already, so here are the major players to get yourself caught up.
  • Max Payne is the main character that you control in the games.
  • Mona Sax is Max's enemy/love interest.
  • Raul Passos is a close friend of Max's. They both move to Brazil after retiring from the NYPD.

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The games are third-person shooters where players start with smaller firearms and move up to larger and more damaging weapons. The series is also known for being the first to use Bullet Time in combat, slowing down time to line up shots or dodge incoming attacks. The third game will also be the first in the series to implement a multiplayer component.