So, how are you, people of Wikia,

Today is a special day (to me, atleast), it marks a year sionce I joined Wikia.

It all started on June 23rd, 2011 (duh!), after months of being annon, I made an account and began to travel through the wikis.

Until the start July 1st, I didn't make nothing, only some minor edits on some wikis. In that date, I found a 'new home' (nah, not really) in the form of the GTA Wiki, and by August, I've became a Patroller there. I was promoted to an admion in April 2012. I met many people there, some friendly, some vandals, but I had a really good time on that Wiki.

My second (major) stop was the Gangstar Wiki, founded by a good friend of mine, and former admin of GTA Wiki, GTANiKo. By November, I've already became a Bureaucrat.

Third Stop! The Red Dead Wiki. Had a hard beginning when I joined in July, but look now! I am a Chat Moderator and a Patroller there. I'm also regular on chat.

Forth stop! The LA Noire Wiki, for the time being, I am semi-active there, but I check the Wiki when I have time. I started to edit pages there once I finished the game (in less than two days), and I became a Patroller there, after the position was offered by a friend of mine, who acts as a Bureaucrat there.

Fifth stop! The Rockstar Games Wiki, which I founded. It currently small and not very active, but I try to expand it and make it one of the largest Wikis ever! :D

Sixth stop! The Red Dead Answers. I adopted the Wiki, along with another editor. I gave admins rights to a friend of mine (who is also a Rollbacker on the Red Dead Wiki).

Seventh and final stop! The Max Payne Wiki, where I became an admin during May. That's the place where I'm currently active, as the game Max Payne 3 was released a month ago. This Wiki was neglected for a long time, and along with the local Bureaucrat, I'm working to relive this Wiki!

So, that's pretty much all about me, thanks for reading.

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