what you're lookin' at?

So, after more than two months after Max Payne 3 release, I finally got the power to write a review.


Max Payne 3 continues the Max Payne saga, nine long years since Max Payne 2. Painkillers-addicted, fatman, retired, Max is everything but his former self. He lives the same day, everyday, getting drunk at a bar.

I really liked the game's story, a true maserpiece from Rockstar Games, who contiues writing interesting plots for the best series franchises such as GTA and Red Dead. Personally, I like the first game's story better, but Max Payne 3 still has a touchy story.



One of the best good-looking games of the year. Characters and locations feel so alive and react to the player's actions. There are are still some bugs, though, but it is overall beautiful and detail game.



Voice actors make the characters real and alive. Music is great. Good to hear once again the series' main theme - we missed you. James McCaffrey alone is a reason to buy the game, to hear the cool and unique voice of Max. Gunfire sounds real, same for other effects.



What can you say about it? The ol', elegant, simple gampley of the Max Payne series. Bullet time and Shootdodge make a return - really classic. Only one tiny problem - repetitive gameplay.


Lasting Appeal

Singleplayer is a bit shorter than previous titles (14 chapters in this game compared to 25 in MP1 and MP2), but the chapters are much longer than previous titles. You have many clues and golden guns to collect, as well a very fun arcade mode.

Multiplayer alone is a reason to buy this game. While the multiplayer looks simple and "just another third-person shooter - kill 'em all" type, it is very fun and will tie you to your couch for hours.




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