I just wanted to provide a few updates as admin; first of all, I have to thank everyone that has been editing and adding content to wikia. It's great to see that people are adding and updating content while removing any vandalism that they see. For me, I've had several things happen since I've last been active, such as school becoming priority number one, as well as my PC dying, which caused me to lose my ability to play Max Payne and also prevented me from accessing hundreds of screenshots and other stuff that I was going to put to use on here. I haven't given up on this wiki at all, and buying a hard drive enclosure for my old PC's hard drive (which will hopefully allow me to retrieve my lost data), getting my hands on another Windows computer, and the return of Twin Peaks have all encouraged me to put more time into this wiki. Once the school term is over, I'll be spending a lot more time editing the wiki and revamping all of the character articles, as well as giving this wiki a facelift of sorts. Be on the lookout for upcoming changes to many of the older articles!

Thanks again,

Maxheat7 (talk)

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