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Hello, my name is Yaujj75 and I am the admin of this wiki. Right now I am trying to edit to improve the wiki with the mess created in the first place. This might take longer but I will prevailed as I managed single handily fix three wikis. Wish me Good Luck.

Another thing you can put ideas in my To-Do List, just put your username and explain the reasons in my message wall.

History with Max Payne and this Wiki Edit

Around my teenage time, I decide to become retro and play those old games to feel historical as I am a history person. One of the famous one is Max Payne that people talk about. I gave it a tried and it was fun to play with the gameplay and Max Payne quotes. I also check the wiki but it was a mess. However, I didn't edit because i wasn't editing that time and I was just reading. As I started playing Max Payne 3 and become admin in three wiki, I decide that I would do another turnabout on this wiki and do reforms. Now I am admin of this wiki and making reforms and fixes around the wiki although not as extensive with my main wiki, Brothers in Arms.

To-Do list Edit

  • Remove all Redlinks in the wiki as possible
  • Watch the terrible Max Payne movie to collect information
  • Fixing the complicated problems in the wiki itself.

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