Hi Edit

It's Vladimir Lem, the most unoriginal username on the Max Payne Wiki, but you know what? It was available. SO I took it.

I am not the original creator of the Max Payne Wiki, but I adopted it happily after I saw the substantial lack of users, information, and pages the wiki had total. Plus, it was kind of old.

Vladimir Lem image

Not actually me in real life, but it works.

Before you get started doing whatever it is you're doing, I'd like to tell you my three biggest pet peeves:

  • Stub Articles
  • Spam Articles
  • Pointless Articles
  • Stub Articles

Okay, so that was four, but whatever.

Thanks for contributing to the Max Payne Wiki! It needs it!

My Articles Edit

Actually, I've written about 75% of the articles on the wiki already, and I'm too lazy too look through and list them all, so you can look for yourself, can't you?

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