Max Payne (born 1960's) was, at various parts of his life, an NYPD homicide detective, a DEA agent, a fugitive on vendetta, and a bodguard for Fabricas Branco's owner. On each time he wnet on a vigilant, rogue, nearly unstoppable, tenacious, and relentless killing spree against felons, spanning a number of nights, all the while looking for truth to mysteries he finds in his life but mercilessly bringing death to all those who ever caused him pain.


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Max Payne was born in the mid-late 1960's, the only child of Jack and Helen Payne. His father was an alcoholic and abusive man who often let his anger to get out on his wife. Seeing his son as "soft", Jack attempted to to teach Max not to fear death, to be tough, much against Helen's will. On one occasion, Max also withnessed Jack slapping Helen.

Such events led Max desire to protect his mother from his father's violent nature. One person Max could rely on was his maternal grandfather, who used to tell him about Greek myths, although Max would later admit his grandfather was "he was full of shit". Eventually, Helen died in 1976, much to Max' grief. After returning from her burial, Max confronted his father and pointed a revolver replica at him while he was drinking with a woman called Cheryl, blaming him for his mother's death.

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