"There had to be something firing these guys other than good old-fashioned socialist zeal. What were they looking for?"
―Max Payne in Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas and Greed

United Souls of the People, better known as AUP (Almas Unidas del Pueblo), is a Colombian right-wing paramilitary group operating in and around Bastidas, Panama. They were originally formed as a paramilitary counterinsurgency force in 2001, but their activities now range from drug trafficking, naval hijacking, kidnapping, extortion, and assassination. They also have close ties to landowners, cattle ranchers, mining/petroleum companies, and even other paramilitary groups.


Massacre in PanamaEdit

After being told about a bag of money hidden in a yacht located in Panama, the AUP pirates attack the ship and killing most of its passengers. Max Payne, a survivor of the attack, wakes up in his room to find the AUP attacking and finishing off remaining passengers.

Payne fights his way and kills many of AUP pirates, until he gets off the boat, and seeks help from his partner, Raul Passos. The two finish off the remaining AUP pirates, only to find the corpses of the passengers. The AUP pirates do not find the money bags, as Marcelo Branco escaped with it.


"Colombian paramilitary group United Souls of the People or AUP have been waging a campaign of violence and terror in the area around Bastidas."
―Latin American News reporter.
Two months after the hijacking, the AUP would continue their violence and terror acts, increasing canal hijacking in Panama despite government attempts to stop the group.


  • The abbreviation for AUP resembles Colombian Far-Right paramilitary group AUC.



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