Tropa Z (In Portuguese: Z Troop) is a gang based in Nova Esperança, Brazil, circa 2012.


Little is known about the gang's past, other than the fact that they are constantly at war with the Commando Sombra. At some point before 2012, the Tropa Z lost the Nova Esperança favela as their territory.

As the events of the Organs harvesting scandal leave the Commando Sombra weakened, the Tropa Z begin to advance on their former territories. As fans of the Galatians FC football club, they are particularly motivated by the death of their star player Claudio to seek revenge against the CS.



Artwork of a Tropa Z member about to attack UFE members.

Much of the Tropa Z members' unique characteristics are unknown. Compare to their rival gangs the Comando Sombra and the Filhos De Ogum, the gang's members are less brutal and ruthless. Tropa Z's members are known for being fans of the football club Galatians FC, particularly the famous Claudio. Claudio's death affected the Tropa Z, and the gang's members vowed revenge on the Comando Sombra, whose members shot dead Claudio.

Behind the scenes

  • The gang was first mentioned in the police record of the Commando Sombra, in main website of Max Payne 3.[1]
  • Tropa Z members are playable characters in Max Payne 3 multiplayer. During Gang Wars, when the Tropa Z engages in a fight with the Comando Sombra, it will be often said that the main reason for their wars is because of the death of Claudio.


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