Trigger Happy is a Max Payne 3 multiplayer burst. Its main function is putting a more devastating weapon into the player's hands.

Depending on a player's desired weapons, each Level has a good deal of effectiveness. If you like using your current weapons, using Level 1 when going on the offensive will make dealing with opponents much easier, while still utilizing weapons you're comfortable with. Using Level 2 puts some powerful weapons in your hands for both long and short range, and using Level 3 can be perfect for taking out opponents who have grouped themselves up tightly in small spaces.

Burst Level Effect Level Unlocked
Level 1 Grants armor piercing ammunition for 20s 1
Level 2 Grants an LMG .30 and DE .50 and increases accuracy 2
Level 3 Grants a Rotary Grenade Launcher with extra ammo 3


A decent counter to opponents using Trigger Happy is the Weapon Double-Dealer Burst, which will decrease the amount of effectiveness an opponent can get from this Burst. Big Dog can also be helpful to counteract Level 1's armor piercing rounds, as well.

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