After Max has gone through the story of all the preceding events, the time spent at the morgue was much too long; the cleaning commandos have found him.


Max, who has just identified himself as a murderer, is looking over Winterson's body and is found by Mitchum, a commando. Max quickly looks over Winterson's body one last time and comes across a card for Vladimir Lem's resturaunt, Vodka. Determined to follow this clue, he must push past the commandos and find Vlad.


The Morgue

There is a medicine cabinet with a stash of painkillers on the far wall. Take them; they will be of use later on.

Mitchum will be waiting outside the door, unable to get through because it's locked, and will continually taunt and threaten Payne until he calls his commando friends with a walkie-talkie. Don't bother searching the morgue for anything else; you have to knock him down with the door and get past him.

The Pursuit

After knocking him over with the door, run up the stairs of the hospital, and don't stop running. The set of doors about three flights up will be open. Make a right from that point, and run straight for the doors across the room with thee body. A hallway will be past that doorway, with two nurses trying to calm you down. Mitchum's partner, Feller will pop through the doors with an MP5 and try to kill you as well. Ignore the two nurses you see, as they will get gunned down by Feller and continue until you reach an office with a few painkillers scattered behind cabinets and along desks. Heal yourself if needed and wait for the two commandos to lock the door behind you walked through. Hide behind the cubicle nearest the door. A hospital security guard will arrive. He will get killed instantly, and will start searching for Max, himself. Run around the cubicles, keeping distance from the commandos, grab the dropped gun and kill Feller. You can then take his weapon and kill Mitchum.

Escaping the Hospital

Walk through the opened door, and head to the security guard locker room through the only unlocked door. Pick up the ammo and weapons as you need them. DO NOT head straight for the next door. A guard will rush through after about ten seconds of entering the room and get killed, leaving you wide open. Instead, pick up the shotgun and wait by the side of the door. When it opens, the commandos will walk through the door one by one, allowing you to easily pick them off.

Be sure to open the lockers for a surplus of ammo and weapons.

Keep going, through the next rooms. You will come across the reception desks. There is nothing to be found, though there is a dead body in the room to the left. Do not linger around, commandos will come out in a search party looking for you. Take them in the hallway, where there isn't any cover for them, and gun them down.

A second search party will come through the next door, so be ready for them. Gun them down quickly, and be ready to use those painkillers. Keep walking towards the door next to the vending machine. If the commandos have not already left the room, gun down the gas canisters, as that will force them into the next room. After they explode, run towards the door in that room and shootdodge through it to take out the commandos on that side.

Keep Going, and you'll find a room with a working television set. Watch it if you wish, but a set of commandos are heading up the stairs as you watch. Do not rush into the next room, as all six commandos will spot you and shoot you down. Walk through the door so that they spot you, but immediately retreat and let the door close. Equip a good close-range weapon, like a shotgun, and open fire as each of the commandos opens the door. Head down the stairs to the garage, where a heated gunfight is undergoing.

Upon entering the garage, take cover behind a car and pick off the commandos. This takes a little skill, but will prevail. Kill the guy that comes out of the door next to the van, and that's the end of the level.


Max heads to Woden's manor, where the two have a talk about the business with the cleaners. Alfred Woden explains that a rebellion has occured within the Inner Circle. While Max names his suspect, Vinnie Gognitti, Woden reveals the true man behind it all, Vladimir Lem. And then it all makes sense.

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