"I own this town, amigo."
―Tony DeMarco, 2012.

Anthony "Tony" DeMarco, Jr. is an Itailan mobster, and the only son of the Mafia Don Anthony DeMarco.


Early life

Tony DeMarco was born in New Jersey, to Anthony DeMarco, an Italian mobster and the head of the New Jersey Mafia.

Along with his friends, Tony hanged out in Walton's Bar owned by Marty. During their times there, Tony met Max Payne, an ex-police detective, and often insulted him and told him to get out the bar.


Tony is shot by Max Payne.

In 2012 Tony enters Walton's bar with a few friends and encounters Max Payne. He proceeds to insult the man, whom retaliates in kind. Tony becomes angry, believing that Max has insulted his family. He attempts to intimidate Max unsuccessfully with an M1911, but has his efforts shut down by Raul Passos, a friend of Max's. At this time, Raul manages to make Tony stand down with a .38 Revolver in hand. Tony and his friends leave the bar, telling the two men that they will return.

Some time later, Tony returns with his friends in an attempt to confront Max and Raul again. As things begin to heat up, he hits a woman who has taunted him. Moments later, Max draws Tony's own gun and shoots him at the chest, killing him.

Personality and characteristics

"That kid had a well developed sense of humor, for New Jersey."
Max Payne.

Tony was an arrogant and rude person, who was often over-confident due to his father's power in New Jersey. He also often enjoyed to insult and joke about people whom he didn't respect or saw in low-regard.

Despite these attributes, Tony had a great respect for his father, and was easily angered if someone insulted his family's respect.


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