Timothy Gibbs (born April 17, 1967 Calabasas, California, U.S) is the character model for Max Payne in the Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne game.

Gibbs's role as Max Payne

He has starred in various soap operas, including Another World, One Life to Live and Santa Barbara.

He began his career as a child actor in the television series Father Murphy in 1981.

Gibbs currently owns Jefferson Rilke Hopper Davis, a construction company in New York City. His brother is actor David Gibbs.

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  • 11-11-11 (2011) - Joseph Crone
  • The Kings of Brooklyn (2004) - Sentor
  • Season of the Hunted (2003) - Steve
  • Sex and the City (2000) - Detective Stevens
  • One Life to Live (1998-2001) - Lt. Governor Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan
  • Another World (1995-1998) - Gary Sinclair
  • Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway (1993) - Mitch
  • The Get-Along Gang (1984) - Catchum Crocodile
  • The Rousters (1983) - Michael Earp
  • Father Murphy (1981-1983) - Will Adams
  • Goldie and the Boxer Go to Hollywood (1981) - Artie

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