The following mission is featured in Max Payne 2.

Max has a bullet in his head, and it's giving him nightmares.


A cutscene will show Vladimir Lem holding Max at gunpoint. After some taunting and the like, Vladimir, as a proper gentleman, avenges the insults done to his lady by shooting Max in the head.


Bad Dreams Done Dirt Cheap

An officer will greet you at the start. Go meet Bravura at a murder scene.

Suddenly, the scene will change, as Bravura is lying down in a new room, dying. Run into the lineup room, and you'll see yourself, and be given a gun. After your evil Max tries to shoot you, he'll simply run off. Pass through the door to follow him. Along the way, you can read the text on the wall 'She had dyed her hair red', and 'The flesh of fallen angels' while The Squeaky Cleaning cleaner is dutifully wiping the mess off of the wall and singing 'Late Goodbye'. The other Max will shout that he has been freed, and shoot towards you. Follow him. In the next room there is a television, hosting a Trivia game show featuring Vinnie begging for his life, and a playful Vlad playing a Captain Baseball Bat Boy trivia game with him. After Vinnie gets a trick question wrong, Vlad hits the detonator, and him and the statue next to the TV explode.

Continue running until you get to the last door in the corridor.. On the wall, there's letters saying 'V for Vlad'. In the labyrinth of doors, walk straight forward, left, then keep going forward. The other doors all lead to halls ending with your mirror image, and a taunting voice -- your own.


Mona appears from nowhere, and a startled Max tries to shoot, but suddenly finds his gun is jammed. Mona kisses Max, and he is revived.

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