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Vince Mugnaio

Vince Mugnaio, Pilate Providence, and Joe "Deadpan" Salem are the three most feared mobsters and are Don Punchinello's personal hitmen.


We first hear about them in a letter, Max finds from Punchinello to Lupino threatening to send the Trio over, but Jack isnt intimidated.

They appear in person during Angel of Death, protecting the manor but Max kills them one by one. First Pilate Providence AKA Big Brother, then Joe "Deadpan" Salem and finally Vince Mugnaio.


Vince Mugnaio

Vince is the last of the three Max kills. Vince wields a Sawed-Off Shotgun and similar to Lupino he will have to constantly reload, giving the player the perfect advantage to kill him. It is best to kill him before he gets into the room before Punchinello's office.

Pilot Providence/Big Brother

Big Brother wields an Ingram and he is the first of the trio Max faces. Big Brother is very easy to kill. A few shots from the Colt Commando should be enough to incapacitate him.

Joe "Deadpan" Salem

As the middle of the three Max kills, Joe is the hardest of the three. He wields Dual Ingrams and is very tricky to approach, thus making him the hardest of the three. Joe is very easy to kill however. A few Colt Commando shots finishes him quickly.