"Punchinello's trio were nothing but bad news."
Max Payne, 2001.

Vince Mugnaio, Pilate Providence (AKA "Big Brother"), and Joe "Deadpan" Salem, collectively known as the Trio, are the three most feared hitmen of Don Angelo Punchinello's crime family, the Punchinellos.

Punchinello often used the trio as a threat to those who disobeyed or ignored him.



It is unknown how the three ended up together, but after all the three joined to the Punchinello crime family, Don Angelo gathered and named them 'the Trio', and over the time they became well known in the crimeworld as the most dangerous members of Punchinello. They also acted as guards and protectors of the Punchinello manor.

Max Payne's vendetta

In 2001, Max Payne heard a few mentions on the Trio:

On the first occasion, Payne found a letter made by Don Punchinello in which Angelo threatened his underboss Jack Lupino, stating that he will send the Trio to wreck him, but Lupino wasn't intidimated.

In second occasion, after being escaped from the basement of Lupino's Hotel, being tortured by hitman Frankie Niagara, Max overheard a talk between one soldato with another one over the phone, who comments that a "crazy witch" screamed as she was taken away by Punchinello men, and hearing that she is taken to the Trio, saying that what they will do is worse than what Frankie Niagara can do to Max.


"Punchinello's trio was done for!"
―Max upon killing Vince Mugnaio.

As Max enters to Punchinello manor in order to kill Angelo, he understands that he has to fight the Trio, who each one of them was in a different room in the manor, protecting it.

Max kills them one by one at their rooms. First Max kills Pilate Providence, then he kills Joe "Deadpan" Salem and finally manages to kill Vince Mugnaio, those, ending the legend on the three, and moves to confront Angelo.

Personality and traits

Much on the Trio's presonalities is unknown. They are the most loyal henchmen of Puchinello, obeying every command he issued and even show that they will die to protect him, which did happen. 

Pilate Providence (AKA Big Brother) appears to be African-American while the other two members of the Trio seem to be Italian.

Among the Mafia family, they were well known as dangerous and cruel individuals, intidimating almost every person who heard about them. They were skilled with firearms, and could used various weapons such as sawed-off shotguns and Ingrams.

Behind the scenes

Fight strategy

Vince Mugnaio

Vince is the last of the three Max kills. Vince wields a sawed-off shotgun and similar to Lupino he will have to constantly reload, giving the player the perfect advantage to kill him. It is best to kill him before he gets into the room before Punchinello's office. Max can also use the door Vince opens to his advantage, by launching an M79 grenade into the room before the door closes.

Pilate Providence/Big Brother

Big Brother wields an Ingram and he is the first of the trio Max faces. Big Brother is very easy to kill. A few shots from the Colt Commando should be enough to incapacitate him.

Joe "Deadpan" Salem

As the middle of the three Max kills, Joe is the hardest of the three. He wields Dual Ingrams and is very tricky to approach, thus making him the hardest of the three. Joe is very easy to kill however. A few Colt Commando shots finish him quickly.



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