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The Godfather



[1] "The truth split my skull open..."

Possible spoilers ahead: This article contains facts and information from a recently released Max Payne 3 comics issue.

'No. Vinnie. Enough. You've made your bed, now sleep in it.
 The Godfather say's about Vinnie start war with Vladmir.
The Godfather

Vincent Gognitti(underboss)

Vladimir Lem(enemy)

Max Payne(enemy)

Affiliation Punchinello crime family
Occupation Mafia Don
Drug dealer
Location New York, USA
Voice Actor Paul Christine

The Godfather is an Italian-American mobster, the head of New York City's Punchinello crime family, and the godfather of New York's crime underworld at 2003. 



Not much is known about Angelo's backstory. It is unknown when he got leadership due to a family connection. Max Payne leaves NYPD and starts working for the DEA after his family gets slaughtered by what at the time appeared to be Valkyr junkies. Payne becomes an undercover agent and infiltrates the Punchinello crime familywhich was long suspected of trafficking Valkyr.

Angelo Punchinello's death was the most horrible loss to the Punchinello crime family. His death severely weakened the crime family in 2001, along with the deaths of Lupino and the Trio earlier. the Godfather took control over the family, with Gognitti becoming an underboss.[2]

Vinnie begins a gang war against the Russian Mob and its leader, Vladimir Lem, his mortal enemy. Gognitti and his men attack Vodka, Lem's restaurant, vowing to finish off the Russian mobster, but fails due to Max's involvement, leading him to escape the scene. His affiliate mob boss, the "Godfather," informs him that he will no longer send help or support him in the Mob war, stating that Gognitti is going against his ideas. Gognitti eventually loses all his men to Lem's Cleaners. Lem eventually decides to finish off the underboss.

Behind the scenes

It is never seen throughout the game, you can only hear your voice on an answering machine during Dearest of All My Friends in Max Payne 2.



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