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Caught in the Crossfire/Descriptionedit

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When the elevator opens and you step out, you'll hear two thugs to your left complaining about the cold. Although they are neutral, take them out (for extra ironic fun-ness, you can use a Molotov you picked up earlier) for some extra bullet time. Check out the TV nearby for the next cut-scene, talking about the heavy three-day snowstorm and the subsequent lack of innocent bystanders. The next door you have to go through is behind you; two thugs will come in from the far side and take up position behind some cover as soon as you enter, and a third also lurks beyond your field of vision to your right. Fortunately for you, that cover happens to include some flammable gas tanks: shoot them to clear the room with a minimal number of rounds. Raid the stores for ammo (including Ingram). Go out the door to the right (it is blocked by small wooden crates, so you'll have to destroy them first) and take out the thug in the hallway before he runs away (if he gets away, turn back around: he'll try to flank around and hit you from behind through the same door as the two thugs from earlier).

In any case, leave the room head to the boiler room; you will soon come across a poor dead guy tied to a toppled chair with a bat next to him. Check out the paper for a cutscene, then pick up the bat. If you need shotgun ammo, the closet on the far side has some. Proceed up the stairs: you'll hear a thug discuss vampire movies. Bust in and take the three of them out (one of them has a sawed-off shotgun). Painkillers are to your right if you need them. When you're ready, go down the hall, up the stairs, and finish the level.