The Blood Veins of New York is the fourth chapter of Part I in Max Payne.


Max finds himself in the basement of the hotel where he shoots through more mobsters. Reaching a room deep in the basement, Max finds a dead body tied to a chair with a baseball bat and a Captain BaseBallBat-Boy comic strip nearby. Max then fights his way through the hotel's kitchen and then finds a nearby stairwell leading to the ground floor.

Max heads into a conference room and proceeds to crash a Valkyr deal. Payne discovers a key to the bar in the corner on a table and uses it on the hotel bar's door in order to get inside. Max enters the bar and finds Rico Muerte together with Candy Dawn. A gunfight ensues with the trio and a handful of thugs; after shooting down the remaining mobsters, Muerte and Candy, Max makes his way out of the bar and towards the lobby. Unable to open the locked gate to the front lobby area, Payne goes up a set of stairs to the second floor and heads into the club/casino.

Max takes out the thugs inside the club and then finds a door that allows him to go out onto the lobby's roof. A portion of the lobby's ceiling is glass, which Max breaks and heads through to get into the front lobby that was previously unreachable. The fugitive DEA agent kills a few mobsters that burst into the lobby, then heads outside through the front entrance, seeking out Jack Lupino.

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On the PS2/Xbox version, this chapter is divided into three sub-chapters: Caught in the Crossfire, Rico Muerte Big Time Hustler and The Blood Veins of New York.

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The Blood Veins of New York

Complete 'Part I Chapter 4: The Blood Veins Of New York' on any difficulty



  • When encountering Rico Muerte and Candy Dawn in the bar, Max can simply run past them and through the nearby doors, avoiding a deadly gunfight in the bar.
  • Near the end of the chapter, when he reaches the reception area of Lupino's Hotel, Max discovers an old telephone switchboard. The switchboard is likely used by the pimp of the hotel's prostitutes, who also work as phone sex operators, to listen in on their conversations with their customers; Max describes the telephone lines that connected the prostitutes and their 'johns' as the "blood veins of New York."
  • The loading screen for this chapter is a picture of the Tower 53 Condominiums on 7th Ave and 53rd Street.

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Max Payne - The American Dream - The Blood Veins of New York (HD)

Max Payne - The American Dream - The Blood Veins of New York (HD)

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