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This level's loading screen

The Baseball Bat is the first chapter of part II of Max Payne.

Max Payne wakes up tied to a chair in the basement of Jack Lupino's hotel, with Frankie "The Bat" Niagara standing over him. After Max insults him a bit, he takes a beating with a baseball bat.

Once Niagara goes to get a drink at the bar, Max breaks free and kills the guards in the basement. Then he takes an elevator up to the garage where he makes it out to the street.

Max decides to head back into the hotel throught the front door and finds it's all been closed off by police after Max's last visit. Max heads to the bar where he finds Niagara and kills him and many of his men.



On the PS2/Xbox version, this level is divided up into three levels: The Baseball Bat, From Bad to Worse and Mobster Muscle.


Enemies Encountered

Other Character Appearances



  • It's possible, but very dificult to kill the first mobster with the bat and take his gun, but this will alert the others and there's not enough ammo to kill all of them. The trick is to pick up their ammo everytime you kill one.


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