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The first and (said by some) only true automatic shotgun in the history of arms, the Striker is an effective automatic ballistics weapon, quite useful when taking out a group of enemies bunched together in a tight space.


This gun truly is a powerhouse. It fires out huge blasts, lots of shells, wide spray range, and to boot, it has automatic fire. This gun can take out huge groups of enemies very quickly. The Striker's kickback is impressive; in Bullet Time,enemies get some pretty sweet blowbacks from this. The Striker is easily the best shotgun in the game, combining the spread of the Sawed Off with the consistency of the pump-action but with increased fire rate and damage. As with all shotguns, be sure you are close enough to use it properly; also, beware of enemies who wield this weapon. The gun is non-existent until midway through Part III; from that point on it is best used in small, confined areas.


  • The Striker is the only shotgun to have a seperate ammo.
  • It holds 10 rounds in a clip, and holds up to 200 rounds.
  • The Striker can be viewed as the Max Payne 2 counterpart for Max Payne 1's Jackhammer; both are practically fully automatic, workhouse shotguns that are acquired late in the game.

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