Max finally meets up with Alex in the subway.


RIP Alex Balder

The chapter begins with the bolted door exploding due to the detonators. Max will run forward and finally meet up with Special DEA Agent Alex Balder. The two of them will briefly talk to each other, asking what was going on and the whereabouts of Jack Lupino. Alex hints to Max that someone else may be involved in the plot, but before he can reveal anymore, an unknown asailant will shoot Balder dead and run off, unseen by Max. Max is forced to see his only friend die right at his feet.


Immediately after the cutscene, three thugs will show up and try to kill you. You should already have your Shotgun out, so shoot them all dead. Go to the booth behind you and collect the painkillers. Now travel up the stairs where you will hear a police siren and a thug shout out, "Let's get the hell outta here!" Kill the thug with his back turned and run backwards, as another thug will try to kill you with a grenade. After it blows, kill the last three thugs. Go into the booth near the locked gate and flip the exit lever up, collecting the painkillers along the way. Walk up the stairs until you get outside and you will finish the sub-chapter.


End of Chapter 2. You'll gain access to Chapter 3.

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