The Squeaky Cleaning Company works as a false front for a group of contract killers known as the Cleaners. While out on the job, they dress in janitorial jumpsuits and act like light-hearted cleaners just looking to have a good time. But when it's time to get down with it....


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The Cleaning Company front was started by Vladimir Lem as a way to keep their true identity from being revealed to the smart cops like Max Payne. They are in fact contract killers working for a man only known as The Boss, who is revealed later to be Vladimir Lem.

They house in an abandoned construction site for Castling Insurance Companies, where is the only place they would normally be found without their disguises on. Seeing that may be the last thing you, in fact, ever see. Their main goal is to stomp anything in Lem's way of controlling the mafia underworld.

They are extremely efficient, going in quickly, quietly, and wiping out the targets, before any cops or security raise their eyebrows in suspicion. They often clean up the crime scenes they work in, leaving no trace of any damage, struggle, or even blood. They always disappear into their vans and drive away to nowhere when they are overwhelmed, or found out, leaving no trace that could lead back to their housing.

Game Information

The cleaners are the weakest enemies in the game along with the mobsters. Generally three body shots with an assault rifle, two with a desert eagle, or one well-placed shotgun blast is enough to finish them off. They generally sport lower level weaponary such as 9mm pistols and shotguns although a smaller number wield kalashnikovs and (very rarely) M4 Carbines or Desert Eagles. They often have grenades but are not very skilled with them. Cleaners are the most abundant enemies in Part I and II; however by the end of II they are completely replaced by Commandos.

Famous Employees

Kaufman- One of the main bosses of the Cleaners. He's considered somewhat of a badass and possibly the leader of the cleaners.

Mitchell- Never actually seen in his jumpsuit, Mitchell is one of the coldest killers of the Cleaners.


The Squeaky Cleaning Company has a number of enemies all over New York.

Max Payne- the one and only.

Mona Sax- a.k.a. The Killer Bitch

Alfred Woden- One of the chief members of the Inner Circle.

Inner Circle- Vladimir Lem's chief concern is the extermination of all Inner Circle members.

And anyone else who gets in the way is shot on sight.


  • Although the Cleaners technically consist of the same group of contract killers as the commandos, they are often depicted as inexperienced and clumsy, a sharp contrast to the commandos' professionalism and cold efficiency.
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