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"Hey listen man, we better look lively, this place is a nightmare. They just got cowboys running security downstairs, and something rotten in the air."
Raul Passos

Something Rotten in the Air is the first chapter of Max Payne 3.


Max who just arrive in his apartment in Sao Paulo just finish drinking his alcohol and head back to bed. It soon forward to the future where he confront the mutilated Becker who is dying and tried to run away from Max. Max monologue how they used him and suffers the consequences. As he point that they were right that he couldn't differentiate who is good and evil.

It cuts to the beginning of the chapter where Max is working a bodyguard for his employer, Rodrigo Branco, a real estate businessman along his colleague, Raul Passos. They are protecting Rodrigo in a fundraising party with many rich people and celebrities as well. Max was drinking as he look upon the view of Sao Paulo especially with the favela. Max and Passos talk about the party discussing the people in the party before joining with his girlfriend, Giovanna.

Max observe the party to see the other Branco family members, Fabiana, Rodrigo's trophy wife who partys with Rodrigo's younger brother, Marcelo who is party animal and an idiot. Victor, a local politician, come into the party and talks with Becker and left the party. As the party continues, masked gangsters enter the party through the elevator and kill one of the bodyguard and kidnap both Rodrigo and Fabiana. After they left the scene, Max and Passos pursue the kidnappers with Max checking one of the floor.

He kill 5 gangsters in the floor and heard Fabiana scream near the balcony. The security with Passos and Becker cornered the criminal holding Fabiana hostage. Max slide down through the roof to kill the hostage taker before falling into the pool. Although they save Fabiana, Max leave the scene to find Rodrigo while Becker and Marcelo calm Fabiana.

Max takes an elevator down to ground floor to pursue the kidnappers and kill many of the criminals on the way and reach the parking lot where they are escaping. The security is engage with the criminals while Max kill and wound many gangsters to save Rodrigo. The gangsters attempted to escape with a van but Max shot the tires out, forcing them fight with Max.

After the battle, Max open the van door with a panicked Rodrigo run out with 2 gangsters attempted to kill Rodrigo. Max quickly kill them both and free Rodrigo from his binds and calm him down. Soon, an heavily armed police arrived the scene and kill any wounded criminals much to a detective chagrin. Becker and the detective argue about UFE actions before leaving while the detective tend to the remaining wounded. Passos brief Max about the detective and UFE which he didn't like discussing politics. The chapter ends with the Brancos saved from the gangsters from a favela gang called Comando Sombra.



  • PT92
  • M500
  • Mini-30

Video Walkthrough[]


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  • The intro scene where Max confront Becker is using a PT92 whereas in the chapter One Card Left to Play, Max uses a DE.50, Auto 9mm or 608 Bull.
  • Both Becker and Victor left the party just before the Comando Sombra attack, it shows that they purposefully have either Rodrigo or Fabiana kidnapped.
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