Sniper Rifle is a weapon featured in Max Payne and Max Payne 2. It is based on the rifle Steyr SSG 69. It soon have varieties of sniper rifles in Max Payne 3.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Sniper Rifle is the most accurate ranged weapon in the games. One well-aimed shot will take out any enemy in slow-motion.

This is the standard issue Sniper rifle you see in many games. Slow-ish rate of fire, but it really packs a punch. Many enemies can be taken out with one good shot, even to the torso. The advantage this gun holds over the Dragunov is the adjustable scope, for both your short and long-range sniping needs.

In Max Payne[edit | edit source]

In the first game, the sniper rifle is an extremely powerful weapon, killing most enemies in one shot (something which almost any other weapon is unable to do). It is the only weapon to not suffer from bullet lag, either. However, ammo for it is extremely rare and it should only be used in the rare cases where it is abundant. Max first finds it in An Offer You Can't Refuse, in a container area where it was supposed to be picked up by Rico Muerte.

In Max Payne 2[edit | edit source]

The sniper rifle is not as powerful in the second game as it was in the first. Only the weakest enemies can be taken down with a shot to the chest. The fact that all weapons are capable of one-shot kills to the head makes the rifle even less useful. Finally, long-range situations aren't common in Max Payne 2, limiting the sniper rifle's usefulness as a long-range weapon. Ammo for the sniper rifle is also scarce (except for the level In the Middle of Something where there player can get maximum ammo), so it is generally reserved for the rare long-range situations. Max first picks up the sniper rifle in No 'Us' in This, where the commando sniper left it. Mona Sax never has access to this weapon. Instead, she wields the larger and arguably better Dragunov , a rifle which Max, in turn, never gets to use.

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