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Template:ItemInfoboxThe sawed-off shotgun is a unique weapon, and can be quite effective when used correctly.


The sawed-off shotgun is a very unique gun. At its core, it's a double-barrelled shotgun, and it can really throw down some thunder. The key to it is using it properly. If there are a couple close enemies nearby that pose a threat, this weapon is perfect. Rail off the two rounds very quickly and then take cover to reload, if that's even necessary.

A bad time to use it would be in a room where there are enemies in various areas. You'd take out one or two men, then have to reload, over and over. That's the challenge, there is extremely frequent reloading.

The sawed-off uses the same ammo pool as the pump-action shotgun.

In Max Payne

The sawed-off shotgun can be extremely deadly in close-quarters, but the damage potential of the weapon is heavily curbed by its frequent need for reloads. The sawed-off shotgun is best reserved for use against single enemies. Shooting once, then performing a bullet-dodge, allows the sawed-off to fire three times before the user is forced to reload; however, such a tactic exposes the user even more and should only be used in desperate one on one situations. The sawed-off is Jack Lupino's signature weapon; as such, exploiting his need to reload constantly allows for an easy and gratituitous beatdown with the favored weapon.

In Max Payne 2

Although it deals around the same damage as the pump-action, it fires shots much more quickly and has a wider blast. The sawed-off is greatly improved in Max Payne 2 thanks to bullet time reloading; however, it is still best to use this weapon against small groups as there are better weapons to deal with larger groups.

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