Routing Her Synapses is the fourth chapter of Part II in Max Payne 2.


During Max Payne's exploration of a condemned building on a construction site, that he learns is a hideout for the Cleaners, Mona Sax also reaches the large site from another side soon after, and begins her trek through several buildings under construction to reach him.

Keeping in contact with Max using the headsets they had from before, Mona makes her way through the building, overhearing some Cleaners discussing the destruction of the old building Max is in and relocating everything to their current location. Mona takes them out and moves along, discovering more Cleaners who seem to be moving the arsenal from the condemned building.

Mona works her way upwards floor by floor, climbing makeshift staircases and scaffolding as well as taking out Cleaners and Cleaner commandos. Eventually reaching an upper floor and killing several more Cleaners, Mona realizes she has nowhere to go but through an unfinished ceiling of a room on the floor below in order to get her bearings. The chapter ends when she lands on some crates in the ceiling-less room.

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  • Once you've reached the place where Max tells Mona that the Cleaners are "Hardcore professionals", jump up the boxes on your left and jump on to the horizontal ladder. Walk along it to the other end of the room and go to the right platform, where you'll find Painkillers and Desert Eagle ammo.


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Max Payne 2 - A Binary Choice - Routing Her Synapses (HD)

Max Payne 2 - A Binary Choice - Routing Her Synapses (HD)

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