The Rotary Grenade Launcher is an explosive weapon featured in Max Payne 3.


The Rotary Grenade Launcher is a multi-shot grenade launcher modeled after an unnamed 37mm launcher manufactured by the weapons firm DefTech. It is one of the two grenade launchers featured in Max Payne 3, along with the multiplayer-exclusive G9.

Befitting a weapon of its type, the DefTech launcher boasts great firepower, enabling it to take enemies and vehicles alike down in short order. However, ammunition is rare to come by. It can be modified with a "Golden Guns" upgrade.

Within the story of the game, the weapon is rather uncommonly found in the hands of enemies. One example is prominently used by U.F.E member Armando Becker towards the end of the final chapter, "One Card Left to Play". The same weapon later reappears in Max's hands during the ending chase sequence, where the player is provided with a supply of 100 rounds.


The Grenade Launcher is unlocked at rank 40 in multiplayer.

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