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"No, no, please, God, no!"
―Max Payne sees Rose's corpse.

Template:CharacterInfobox Rose Payne is the infant daughter of Max and Michelle Payne.


Rose was born on February 4, 1998 to Max and Michelle Payne.

On August 22, 1998, three green jumpsuit-wearing valkyr-pumped maniacs break into the Payne family's New Jersey house and wreck havoc to it, destroying property and holding Rose's terrified mother in her bedroom. Her father arrives at the Payne residence at the moment of its invasion and hears his wife screaming in terror for help. Although the detective rushes to her aid and kills the invaders, he arrives too late and, to his terror, finds Michelle and their daughter shot dead. She was only six months old when she died.

Michelle and Rose Payne's deaths are what sets Max Payne to begin his journey to get revenge on those who are responsible. He joins the Drug Enforcement Administration to build the valkyr trafficking case. After three years of investigation, he starts undercover work in the Punchinello crime family.

Rose and her mother, Michelle's grave in Golgotha Cemetery, 2012

Behind the scenes

The name of the Payne daughter, Rose, was first revealed only in "After the Fall", a Max Payne 3 comic issue released 11 years after the first game. Her name was left unknown in the original Max Payne.


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