Max goes to Roscoe Street Station to meet up with Alex Balder, but things go horribly awry.


After getting off the train, go to your left and enter the bathroom. You will then see a dead officer and Max will take out his gun. Two thugs will walk to the platform and have a light conversation with one another. Shoot both of them (one will fall down in dramatic slow-motion) and take their guns.

Next, go through the now accessable gate and you'll encounter Jake and Mickey, who have just killed a cop. Kill both of them with your Dual Berretas (diving in slow-motion helps) and continue. To your left will be another thug. Simply take out your Desert Eagle and shoot him a few times. Go down the stairs and turn left, where you will hear another thug either whistling or coughing violently. Take him out, but be careful; he has a shotgun.

After he dies, walk through the door that's ajar to continue to the next section of the chapter.


You advance to another section of the subway and obtain a Pump-Action Shotgun as well as a Desert Eagle.

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