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Roscoe Bank, sometimes referenced as Roscoe Street Bank, was a bank located near the Roscoe Street Station in 2001.


The part of the bank that the public had access to, such as the front entrance and bank teller desks, were not visited by Max during his investigation of the bank; the vault door to that area of the bank remained sealed. The vault area was where the bank kept the majority of its valuables, including Vaults A and C which held valuable documents (such as bonds) and most likely paper money. Vault B contained the bank's gold bars and the vault itself was larger due to the size of the gold being stored there. The controls for the vault doors were in the central room where all three vaults could be opened as well as accessed, and it was also where the vault door to the front area of the bank was located.


In 2001, when he was looking for Alex Balder in the Roscoe Street Station and exploring a nearby old, abandoned section of the station, Max Payne discovered Roscoe Bank with a hole blasted in its wall. Criminals associated with the Mafia detonated the wall to access the bank vault from the abandoned subway as part of a complex bank heist operation, which involved a large number of perpetrators.

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Inside the bank, Payne shot every mobster and answered a ringing phone to speak to deputy chief Jim Bravura on the other end of the line. Bravura had mistaken Payne for one of the bank robbers and told Max to give himself and his associates up to the police.

Max Payne hung up on Bravura then took a detonator left by the goons and used it to blow up a welded door located back in the subway, which opened the door; the door led to one of the ticket booths near the entrance of the newer Roscoe subway station.

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  • The Roscoe bank logo (see article gallery) is similar to the logo Bank of America had from 1969-1998, which can be viewed here.