"And my wife... I am not naive. She does not love me for my body."
―Rodrigo to Max Payne.


Rodrigo Branco is a wealthy Brazilian business man and a real estate mogul. He is Max Payne's and Raul Passos' boss in São Paulo.



"Built things, did some charity, had things named after him, won awards, owned things, people."
― Max Payne on the work of Rodrigo Branco

Nothing is known about Branco's background, except for the fact that he is very wealthy, lives in São Paulo, and works as a real estate mogul. Rodrigo worked closely with his younger sibilngs, Victor and Marcelo.

In March 2009, Rodrigo married Fabiana Branco. Despite being married to him, Fabiana mostly ignored Rodrigo, and spent much of her time partying with Marcelo.


In 2012, Rodrigo and his family were still targets for the criminal activities of street gangs. Due to that, Rodrigo hired Max Payne and Raul Passos to be his bodyguards.

Rodrigo and his family were targeted by the Commando Sombra at a rooftop cocktail party. Max managed to rescue Fabiana, who was being held hostage inside the building. Max also managed stop the attempted kidnapping of Rodrigo, shooting out the tires of the Commando Sombra's getaway van in the parking garage, rescuing him.

Max then accompanied Marcelo, Fabiana, and Giovanna to Club Moderno. The Commando Sombra, once again, attempted to kidnap Fabiana. Max managed to save Giovanna, and Marcelo escaped. However, the Commando Sombra and their leader, "Serrano", sucessfully made away with Fabiana. Serrano sent a ransom letter to Rodrigo, who tasked Max to save Fabiana from the gang.


"You pay a couple of million dollars and you expect to... to push a button to... be able to make all your problems go away. All I got was some useless junk and a bit of false confidence."
―Rodrigo Branco, just before Fabricas Branco was infiltrated by the Crachá Preto

During the attack on the Branco family's headquarters, Rodrigo Branco was shot in the head during the commotion, by Armando Becker's right hand man Bachmeyer. His company is later blown up, along with his remains.

Max later discovered that Passos was paid by Victor Branco to recruit him to protect Rodrigo and his family, in order to be the fall guy in Victor's plot to profit from the illegal sale of human organs. Despite this, Max was later able to avenge Rodrigo's death by killing Bachmeyer.



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