"I am not naive. I know my wife did not marry me for my looks."
―Rodrigo to Max Payne.


Rodrigo Branco is a wealthy Brazilian business man and a real estate mogul. He is Max Payne's and Raul Passos' boss in São Paulo.



Nothing is known about Branco's background, except for the fact that he is very wealthy, lives in São Paulo, and works as a real estate mogul. Rodrigo works closely with his younger sibilngs, Victor and Marcello.

In March 2009, Rodrigo married Fabiana Branco.


In 2012, Rodrigo and his family were still targets for the criminal activities of street gangs. Due to that, Rodrigo hired Max Payne and Raul Passos to be his bodyguards.

However, Fabiana was kidnapped by the Comando Sombra's leader, "Serrano", who sends a ransom letter to the family. Rodrigo then asks Max to save Fabiana from the gang.


During the attack on the Branco family's headquarters, Rodrigo Branco was shot in the head during the commotion, by Bachmeyer. His body and office are later blown up.


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