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For the nightclub, see RagnaRock.
"Ragna Rock was Lupino's private nightclub. A den of drugs built into an old theather"
―Max summarizes Ragna Rock.

Ragna Rock is the eighth chapter of Part I in Max Payne.


After getting information from Vinnie Gognitti, Max Payne arrives at the Ragna Rock nightclub in search of Jack Lupino. Max quickly runs into trouble and has to shoot his way past mobsters; he also finds many books alluding to Lupino's obsession with the occult.

Payne makes his way through the nightclub, starting at the front entrance, then working his way up to the balcony area of the club, where he finds a way to the roof of the nightclub. Traversing the rooftop, Max comes across a way to get back inside, specifically the backstage area of the club. Backstage, Max continues to take out numerous mobsters and Lupino's bodyguards, and eventually he reaches a door that leads to Lupino's ritual chambers.




On the PS2 version, this chapter is divided into three sub-chapters: A Den of Drugs, Ragna Rock and An Empire of Evil.

Obtainable Accomplishments


Ragna Rock

Complete 'Part I Chapter 8: Ragna Rock' on any difficulty





  • The books that Max finds in the nightclub are a combination of fictional and real-world literature. The Age of Murder and Storm is a title made up for the game, but is used to explain the Norse mythological origins of Ragnarök.
    • Malleus-Maleficarum and Paradise Lost are real-world literary works; Malleus being a 15th century German manual on the prosecution of witches, and Paradise Lost is an epic poem by John Milton about Satan and his relationship with Humanity.
    • The other two titles, De Umbrarum Regni Novem Portis ("Of the Nine Doors of the Kingdom of Shadows”) and the Necronomicon, are both fictional titles that appear in popular culture that focus on the occult. Novem Portis first appeared in the novel, El Club Dumas as a very old, rare book that the protagonist must seek out due to his skills as an antiquarian bookseller. The Necronomicon was first created by H.P. Lovecraft for his Cthulhu mythos, as a historical account (and ways to summon) the ancient deities of our world and beyond. Today, the Necronomicon is seen in many different forms of media, most famously (outside of Lovecraft's stories) in the Evil Dead franchise.
  • After reaching the backstage, the player can interact with the drums which will make Max play a short beat.
    • If the player interacts with the mic, Max will say "Karaoke never was my scene".
    • There is also a guitar laying on the ground, walking or jumping on it will cause it to play a riff.

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