Put Out My Flames With Gasoline is the fourth chapter of Part II in Max Payne.


After acquiring the necessary firepower, Max attempts an assassination on Angelo Punchinello, by setting up a meeting with him at Casa di Angelo; but Angelo, not trusting Max, sets a trap for him and burns down the restaurant with Max trapped inside.

Max makes his way through the restaurant, dodging flames and explosions until he reaches a safe area and kills a few mobsters guarding the exit. Max then escapes through a sewer tunnel and is picked up by Vlad and taken to the Punchinello Manor.
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On the PS2/Xbox version, this chapter is divided into two sub-chapters: No Payne No Gain and Put Out My Flames with Gasoline.

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Put Out My Flames With Gasoline

Complete 'Part II Chapter 4: Put Out My Flames With Gasoline' on any difficulty



  • Casa di Angelo is Italian for 'House of Angels'
  • At one point a gas can rockets towards Max and Bullet Time will be automatically enabled for a few seconds.
  • After escaping the flames and killing the first guard, there's a service elevator and if you throw a grenade down it, the blast will kill the two mobsters in the basement.


Video WalkthroughEdit

Max Payne - A Cold Day in Hell - Put Out my Flames with Gasoline (HD)

Max Payne - A Cold Day in Hell - Put Out my Flames with Gasoline (HD)

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