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The Pump-Action Shotgun is a fairly reliable weapon that is most effective at a close-range basis, but is hardly accurate or quick.


The Pump-Action is the basic shotgun that you see in pretty much every shooting game. In Max Payne 1 it is strong, and packs a good punch at close range and even surprisingly long distances. It shines the most in earlier levels, where a single shot can take out mobsters at close range, allowing Max to wipe out whole armies in seconds. In the late game, it may take two or three shots to finish off the enemies, so be warned. On even the easiest difficulty, enemies can do an amazing amount of damage to Max in one shot with this; add that to the fact that it's such a common weapon, and you've got problems. Be especially wary around shotgun users and make sure to keep moving, always. The pump action shotgun shoots out a smaller blast than the other two (the sawed-off and the jackhammer), so make sure to be at a nice close range or aim carefully at longer ranges. The greatest weakness of the gun in the first game is that it has easily the slowest reloading animation, dependent on how many shots have already been fired.

In Max Payne 2, the pump-action is lackluster in damage; however, it is still a fairly reliable weapon to use, albeit at a much closer range. The pump-action's shortcomings are alleviated in part by a faster fire rate and the bullet-time reload that allows Max to get right back into the action. The pump action makes its debut early on in the game, where it is useful for heavy-duty fights unsuited for the 9mm pistol. However, it is soon outshined in damage by weapons such as the Striker and Kalashnikove, and in range and accuracy by the MP5 and the M4.


  • The Pump-Action Shotgun uses Shotgun Shells as ammo.
  • It holds 7 rounds in its tube magazine, and holds a maximum of 80 shells in Max Payne, 140 shells in Max Payne 2.


  • The Pump-action is the only weapon in the series to have a serious visual makeover between games: in Max Payne, appears to be a Winchester Model 1300 in Max Payne; however, it appears to be based off of a Remington 870 in Max Payne 2.

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