The Pump-Action Shotgun is a fairly reliable weapon that is most effective at a close-range basis, but is hardly accurate or quick.


The Pump-Action is the basic shotgun that you see in pretty much every shooting game. In Max Payne 1 it is strong, and packs a good punch at close range and even surprisingly long distances. On hardest difficulty enemies can do an amazing amount of damage to Max in one shot with this; add that to the fact that it's such a common weapon, and you've got problems. This one shoots out a smaller blast than the other two, so make sure to be at a nice close range. The greatest weakness of the gun in the first game is that it has easily the slowest reloading animation.

In Max Payne 2, the pump-action is lackluster in damage; however, it is still a fairly reliable weapon to use, albeit at a much closer range. The pump-action's shortcomings are balanced by the bullet-time reload that allows Max to get right back into the action.


  • The Pump-Action Shotgun uses Shotgun Shells as ammo.
  • It holds 7 rounds in one fully-loaded shotgun, and holds a maximum of 140 shells.

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