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Max Payne is given a desk job when the police station is attacked.


A Mad Bravura yells at Max. Payne tries to explain that what happened just recently, and Winterson's case are connected to each other, as the cleaners were involved in both of them. Bravura doesn't want to listen, eats some pills, and gives you a desk job.


Desk Job

Listen to the officer talk to you about Bravura, then walk over to Max's desk. It's located straight forward, then the second one on the right hand. A cutscene will show Max Payne working at this desk when Winterson's phone will ring. Max will try to answer, but the one calling hangs up. The officer nearby will tell you that Winterson has a blind kid and kicked out her husband some time ago. At the nearby table, you can see that there is a small poster from 'Brooklyn School of The Blind'.

Now, if you listen to the man sitting in a conversation with a police officer at the other side of the office, you'll hear the best crime ever made. At least the funniest one and similar to what happened to Max.

You can also walk into the REC room to watch and episode of Lords and Ladies. You can find the room close to Bravura's office.

False Interrogation

Well, now enter the interrogation room that you can find close to the officer that told you about Winterson's kid. Talk to the man inside, and then go back to your desk to find Winterson leaking information about you. After this, open the nearby doors, and head down the stairs, and then down to the lockup. Get to the prison cells. Mona is in the one closest to the left. Mona will tell you to call Alfred Woden. Leave, and start going back. Borrow the phone right outside the lockup.

A Diversion

After you've left a message at Woden's answering machine, or after you try to leave the lock-up, a bomb will explode. Watch the cut-scene where cleaners attack the station, and Mona escapes from her cell. Take the ammo from the open cabinet. Now, get to the door near Mona's cell. The cleaners will come through the door. It's best to shootdodge when they do, then wait by Mona's cell until the following cleaners come in. Once in the parking lot, a cleaner van will show up. Flank them with the Kalashnikov from the other cleaners, then head out the exit.


Vladimir Lem drives by. He picks up Max and gives him a ride. In the back of his car, he has a Captain Baseball Bat Boy costume for Vinnie Gognitti. A Trojan horse, as he calls it.

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