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Project Valhalla was a pharmaceutical US government military program that studied the effects of valkyr on soldiers who were serving in the Gulf War. The project ran from 1991 to 1995 where it was then cancelled for unsatisfactory results.

The project then went underground when Nicole Horne, head of the Aesir Corporation, continued making the drug at Cold Steel in order to study the effect of the drug in an urban setting.

In 1998, Michelle Payne, an employee at the District Attorney's office, received a leaked Project Valhalla dossier from Alfred Woden, and although she did not understand the nature of the project from the outset, she and her daughter were soon murdered in their home by valkyr test subjects to prevent the District Attorney from finding out about the project.

In 2001, Max Payne discovers the project, and its link to his family's murder, shortly before the destruction of Cold Steel. Payne then pursues Horne in order to avenge his family.

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