"AARGH!... Police Brutality..."
―Vinnie screaming in pain
Police Brutality is the seventh chapter of Part I in Max Payne.


Max continues to chase Vinnie Gognitti across some rooftops and apartment buildings while mobsters attempt to kill him. The police even show up in a helicopter while Max is following Gognitti, telling him to surrender.

Pursuing Vinnie through a construction site and another apartment building, Max eventually corners him in an alleyway where he and Max have a shootout. After he disarms Gognitti, Max begins interrogating him, learning where Jack Lupino is. Max then leaves Vinnie bleeding in the alley and heads to the nightclub Ragna Rock.


Hidden Weapons

  • After the cutscene of Vinnie trying to get through a locked door, turn left and stand up on the ledge. From here you can jump to another ledge to the left, where you can drop into an alley with a door. Go through and you will be in a room full of molotovs. Follow the corridor to return to where Vinnie is.


On the PS2/Xbox version, this chapter is divided into three sub-chapters: Better than the Last One, Ice Hard and Slick and All a Blur.

Obtainable Accomplishments


Police Brutality

Complete 'Part I Chapter 7: Police Brutality' on any difficulty



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