Max, framed for Alex's murder, retreats to one of Jack's hotels and meets the Finito Brothers. In the process, his undercover identity is compromised and he is forced to shoot his way through the hotel.


Joey and Virgillio

The chapter begins with a cutscene showing Max retreating to one of Jack's hotels, which is run by Virgillio Finito and his younger brother Joey. Max will walk right into their office and start off with a casual chat with the two. Virgillio will start out by saying "Ladies and gentlemen, it's the pain in the butt." and his brother will add "Pain to the Max!"

Max will chastise the two with a rhetorical question and abruptly ask them where Jack is, but Virgillio will respond with a rhetorical question as well. After a while, both Finitos' will pull out a gun and start shooting at Max. With his cover blown, Max is forced to kill the two brothers.

Hide behind the wall and take out your shotgun or desert eagle. Focus on Joey first; he's wielding a Sawed-Off Shotgun, which carries two powerful shells. A few shots from your shotgun or Deagle should kill pretty quickly (unless your playing on the hardest difficulty, then it'll take longer). After Joey dies, you'll find Virgillio hiding behind a tipped over desk. Take out your dual berretas and shoot him several times until he groans and falls backwards, falling in slow-motion.


Collect the painkiller from the Finitos' safe and Joey's shotgun and read the letter sent by Vinnie Gognitti. A cutscene will start with Max describing Gognitti and what the letter says. A V deal is going down and he wants the Finitos' to make the broker, Rico Muerte, as comfortable as possible.

The Finitos' thugs will begin pounding on the door after hearing the gunshots and groans and will eventually break the door open. Blast the first thug you see with your new shotgun and the thug around the corner from him. Another thug will show up, so kill him as well. After that, you can go in the bathroom and collect the painkillers and listen to the radio, where Max will realize that he's been framed and the cops are after him.

Shoot out the window (or simply walk through it) and you'll reach a locked door revealing a thug's head. He will instruct his friends to go to the Finitos' room and kill Max, but after he opens the door, kill him. Shoot the thugs next to him (or ignite the gas tanks by shooting the top off) and walk to the door on your right.


You will advance deeper into the hotel. You will also aquire a Sawed-Off Shotgun.


  • "Ladies and Gentlemen, if it isn't the pain in the butt." -Virgillio Finito.
  • "Pain to the Max!" -Joey Finito.
  • "You're kiling me. Did you make that up yourselves or did you get some winer downstairs to help you?" -Max Payne.
  • "Lupino ain't here but he says bye!" -Joey Finito.
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