Playing It Bogart is the third chapter of Part I in Max Payne.


Max returns to Jack Lupino's hotel where he was assigned to determine the whereabouts of Lupino. He immediately runs into the Finito Brothers who have discovered, before Max's arrival, that he is an undercover DEA agent.

After finishing off the Finitos, Max then notices a letter on the desk that mentions Valkyr and a partnership between Vinnie Gognitti, Rico Muerte, and several other mafia members. The letter also reveals that Muerte is actually staying at the hotel, and the Finito brothers were generous enough to write his room on the letter's margin ("313").

Max then hears a trio of mafia members come to the door, worrying that the Finito Brothers were in trouble. After eliminating the thugs Max walks down the stairs and hears some news on a radio: the mayor is announcing that Valkyr has become a clear threat, and drastic measures must be taken; and a report on Alex Balder's death, with the revelation that Max Payne is the main suspect in his murder.

After searching the hotel, Max finally discovers Rico Muerte's hotel room, and the door is rigged with a shotgun trapper. Max also finds a letter mentioning more activity about Valkyr, leaving Max to wonder if Jack Lupino is indeed the primary enemy. After traversing through several hallways and rooms, Max discovers a diary in one of the rooms that belonged to a prostitute named Candy Dawn, and further readings reveal that "the mystery hag" has been paying her to secretly film her and Alfred Woden together.

Max leaves the room and makes his way through a few more hallways to find a trio of mobsters guarding an elevator. Max eliminates the thugs and enters the elevator.

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Max in the Finito brothers' office

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On the PS2/Xbox version, this chapter is divided into three sub-chapters: Playing It Bogart, Without Warning and A Few Hundred Bullets Back.

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Playing It Bogart

Complete 'Part I Chapter 3: Playing It Bogart' on any difficulty



  • Coincidentally, "the mystery hag" mentioned in Candy Dawn's diary is later revealed as Nicole Horne, who used Candy to blackmail Alfred Woden.
  • The title is an homage to actor Humphrey Bogart, star of many 1940s noir films, from which Max Payne takes many of its stylistic cues. Payne's explanation that he is "playing it Bogart" means he is conducting his investigation with extreme self-confidence and acting "as though he was supposed to be there," which describes the methodology of many of Bogart's characters.
  • Max refers to Rico Muerte as "a regular Keyser Soze," which is a reference to the Keyser Söze character from the 1995 film The Usual Suspects. This is the first of two references to the film in the game; the second reference can be overheard in the chapter In the Land of the Blind when two Mercenaries are debating about best movie endings.
  • Past Rico Muerte's room is a cracked wooden door which can be shot through. Once inside climb out onto the ledge and walk across to the next room. Inside the room is a dead man holding a gun while lying on the floor with a stake driven into him, surrounded by syringes of Valkyr. Some molotovs and painkillers can also be found in the room. The man wrote "Buff" in his own blood before dying, which is most likely a reference to the American TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


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