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Pawnbroker was a pawn shop located near Jack Lupino's tenement buildings and his hotel, and was part of a Mafia-controlled neighborhood during the Valkyr Case in 2001.


Inside Pawnbroker, many second-hand electronics were sold, such as TVs, watches, and cell phones. Also, there was an Ingram in a display cabinet during Max's visit, which he could have obtained by breaking the glass that protected the weapon. There was a caged-off area where the clerk would stand, and there were ammunition and weapons on the back shelves. It is unknown whether the Mafia owned the store or extorted the owner for money in exchange for "protection." The store itself was a part of one of Lupino's tenement buildings, and the caged-off section of the store behind the counter area was only accessible from within the building.

The back storeroom


In 2001, Max Payne came upon Pawnbroker when he made his way through the streets from Lupino's hotel to his suite during an extremely cold and snowy winter night. When he went inside Max ran into two mobsters occupying the establishment, who attacked Payne on sight. After he killed them, Max could have raided the back room of the shop and for an Ingram that was in a display case.

Later that night, Payne got into the caged-off room of the pawnshop from the inside of one of Lupino's tenement buildings. Max found a key on the counter which he later used to unlock a door to the building's staircase in order to reach Lupino's suite. However, once the fugitive DEA agent picked up the key, a NYPD SWAT team entered through the Pawnbroker's front entrance and aimed their guns at Payne's position. Deputy Police Chief Jim Bravura spoke to Max over a megaphone and demanded that the fugitive immediate surrender to the police, but Max instead continued his evasion of the NYPD and further pursued Jack Lupino.

Max targeted by the NYPD

Weapons Located[]