This is it. The final battle. Run up the stairs and dodge as Nicole shoots at you and throws a grenade. Don't worry about the grenade, it should sail above your head. As you go through the door she was shooting you at, she is running away. Max tries to shoot her, but his effort is in vain. She shuts and locks the door and you have to shoot the wires holding the tower up. Shoot the one in the corner behind you, and then the chopper lands and she gets in, but can't take off due to the wind. 5 killer suits come out of the glass windowed room and shoot at you. Waste them and take out your Sniper Rifle. Go into bullet time, and shoot the other wire off. Use whatever gun you want and open fire on the tower. It should fall after a couple of shots. Down in flames with Nicole! A final graphic novel scene will play, and the credits will role. It gives you notice that Max's journey through the night isn't over... you unlock the Hard-Boiled and New York Minute difficulties. Be prepared for Max Payne 2!


  • If Max fails to shoot the tower a cutscene will trigger where Max attempts to shoot the chopper, but it fires at him and kills him.
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