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"No begging, no bribes; she knew better. Honor among killers, "we who are about to die". Both of us knew how this would end: in pain and suffering."
―Max Payne monologues his confrontation with Nicole Horne.

Pain and Suffering is the final chapter in Max Payne.


Max Payne arrives at Nicole Horne's penthouse suite at the top of the Aesir Headquarters building to find Horne waiting for him. She tells Payne there's no way for him to live and escapes through a security door, leaving the Killer Suits to deal with him. Max shoots them down and is then forced to take cover behind a pillar to avoid gunfire from a helicopter as Nicole taunts him from the loudspeaker. After this, Max gets out onto the balcony and runs along one ledge onto another, avoiding more gunfire from the chopper.

Max eventually corners Horne in a conference room, but must first deal with the remaining Killer Suits. Horne, in the meantime, vanishes but Max finds the secret door she escaped through and he chases her out onto the roof of the building. She then goes through a security gate and locks it so Max can't get through and she boards the aforementioned helicopter, but it can't take off immediately because of the wind. As the helicopter awaits clearance to take off, Max destroys the cables holding the building's radio mast in place, and the mast falls on top of the helicopter as it begins to take off, killing Nicole Horne.

Moments later, Max is surrounded by the NYPD SWAT team and he surrenders to them, feeling relieved that he finally avenged his wife and daughter. As Max is led outside by the police, the Deputy Chief of the NYPD comments on the difficulty in catching him before ordering his men to take Max to central booking; Max sees Alfred Woden in the crowd, thinking that he'd better keep his end of the bargain, and as Max is put in the back of a police car, the game concludes.



On the PS2/Xbox version, this chapter is divided into three sub-chapters: A Warrior's Heaven, A One-Way Demon Ride and Pain And Suffering.

Obtainable Accomplishments/Trophies[]


Pain and Suffering

Complete 'Part III Chapter 8: Pain And Suffering' on any difficulty




Complete the game on any difficulty setting




Complete the game on the 'Hard-Boiled' difficulty setting or higher



Dead on Arrival

Complete the game on the 'Dead on Arrival' difficulty setting or higher



New York Minute

Complete the game on the 'New York Minute' difficulty setting



Noir Cowboy

Complete the game without using Bullet Time or Aim Assist



No Payne, No Gain

Complete the game using 3 painkillers or less



Run and Gunner

Complete the game in less than 3 hours on any difficulty



Time to Die III

Finish Part III in under 1 hour


08 A Bit Closer to Heaven.png

A Bit Closer to Heaven

Complete Part III on any difficulty.

Silver PS3 silver.png

09 Feel the Payne.png

Feel the Payne

Complete the game in Hard-Boiled mode.

Silver PS3 silver.png

10 Under Par.png

Under Par

Finish the game quicker than the Remedy par time in New York Minute mode.

Silver PS3 silver.png


  • The quote "We who are about to die" is a quote that gladiators used to salute Julius Caesar.
  • This chapter has the only graphic novel sequences where Max is seen holding a weapon other than a Beretta: a Colt Commando can be seen in the opening graphic novel cutscene, and the graphic novel sequence after Nicole Horne's death shows Max holding a Ingram.
  • If Max fails to knock the tower over before the helicopter can take off a short cutscene will be played where Max makes an attempt to shoot it down, but the chopper shoots back and kills him.
  • In the first cutscene of the game, where Max stands watching the destroyed helicopter, he is seen holding a Sniper Rifle, but in the cutscene of this level, he is seen holding the M79 Grenade Launcher (which is logical as this is the last weapon the player uses).

Behind the Scenes[]



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