The Taurus PT92 is a Brazilian semi-automatic handgun.


The PT92 is a semi-automatic handgun that shoots 9x19mm parabellum rounds. As a result, it causes moderate to small amounts of damage, depending on the range of its target. The handgun is black in color.

The PT92 is a licensed reproduction of the Beretta 92 series by a Brazilian arms manufacturing company, Taurus. The Taurus is distinguished from the Beretta by its frame-mounted safety, which it retains from the original Beretta 92, whereas the 92FS has its safety mounted on the slide. Even from a distance, this makes the two guns easy to tell apart.

A golden version of the PT92 was obtained by Max Payne after he found the three pieces of the handgun during the shootout at the Branco charity party.

Social Club descriptionEdit

This is a well-rounded semi-automatic pistol with good range, accuracy, fire rate, and stopping power.


The PT92 is a standard handgun in both Brazilian and Libyan police and army forces. It is used as the standard sidearm of the Unidade de Forças Especiais unit in São Paulo.

In 2012, the former NYPD detective, Max Payne began to use this handgun after moving into São Paulo, replacing his usual Beretta pistol.

The PT92, along with other handguns such as the M1911 and the 608 Bull, is one of the most popular sidearms of many gangs in São Paulo, such as the Comando Sombra, Crachá Preto, and the Tropa Z.

Other known users of this handgun are Raul Passos, Armando Becker, and Milo Rego.

Behind the scenesEdit



The PT92 is unlocked at level 1 once create a loadout is unlocked.



  • Suppressor (Level 3)
  • Compensator (Level 5)


  • Laser Sight (Level 2)
  • Extended Mag (Level 4)
  • Mag Guide (Level 9)


  • Gas Block (Level 7)
  • Gas Systems Kit (Level 8)


  • Gold Plating (Obtained via story)
  • Chrome Plating


  • Dual-Wield (Level 6)



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